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  1. Tom Athanasiou: Justice as Realism: Silence about "Fairness" as a Barriour to Effective Climate Policy.
  2. Netra B. Chhetri: Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change: Retrospective Analysis of Climate-Technology Interaction in Rice Based Farming System of Nepal.
  3. Richard Filcak: Climate Change and Poverty: The Case of Disadvantaged Roma Communities in Central and Eastern Europe.
  4. Bob Gough: From Wind Powering Native America to Native Wind Powering America: Energy Independence Day.
  5. Pam Graybeal: Framing and Identity in the Gwich'in Campaign Against Oil Development.
  6. Jill Johnston: Oil Industry in the Gulf Coast: A History of Environmental Justices.
  7. Leslie Flares.
  8. Lisa: Popular Environmental Education & Climate Change in Bolivia.
  9. Lwandle Mqadi and Lester Malgas: The Kuyasa Case Study: An effort towards climate justice and energy poverty alleviation (crediting suppressed demand for energy services under the CDM).
  10. Lwindle Mqadi: The SouthSouthNorth Project: A Capacity Building Initiative.
  11. Rob Neff: Greenhouse Gases, Transportation and Urban Development: Linkages between Climate Justice and Social Justice in the Locality of Philadelphia, PA.
  12. Jacob Park: Beyond Fairness: Towards a New Strategy of Climate Equity, Justice, and Governance.
  13. Bradley C. Parks: Who Ratifies Environmental Treaties and Why? A World-System Analysis of Participation in 22 Treaties by 192 Nations.
  14. J. Timmons Roberts: Workshop: Accounting for Climate Justice: Approaches, Unforeseen Consequences and Political Resistance.
  15. Solomon: Projected Future U.S. Soil Moisture Patterns.
  16. Erin Stojan: The Price of Power: Hydropower Development, Climate Change Solutions and the Energy Justice Alliance.
  17. Beverly Wright: Integrating Academia and Activism ... Moving Towards Participatory Research and Academic Activism.