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Environmental Justice Initiative Goals:
Retrieval/Dissemination Conference
The Environmental Justice Specialization and the Latina/o Studies Program of the University of Michigan propose to organize a retrieval/dissemination conference focusing on Latina/o issues and the environment. Scholars will present papers addressing the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on Latina/o communities. The focus will be on topic such as environmental justice issues and water and land tenure issues in Southwest United States and environmental justice issues along the United States/Mexican border. The outcome of this conference will be a book of readings to educate scholars and laypeople about the environmental plights of Latina/os both domestically and internationally. The results of this conference will be disseminated though a variety of electronic media.
Global Climate Change and Environmental Justice Teach-in
The effects of greenhouse gases are currently a topic of debate by scientists, government policymakers, and laypeople. Most reputable scientists studying greenhouse gases believe the effects of climate change will be catastrophic, and they call for immediate action to ameliorate the conditions giving rise to such gases. Global warming promises to become one of the most important political debates of this century due to its unprecedented threat to the environment. Will global warming impact all people equally regardless of their income, race, or nationality? The conference hopes to address this question and will draw students and presenters from across the country and the world to engage in this three to four day event.

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